Advanced Course

Advanced Course
Secrets to Church Growth:

How can the churches have great revivals the way the Early Churches did? This course introduces how Manmin Central Church has grown up fast enough to be selected as one of the 50 world top churches by the Christian World of USA within 10 years since its opening.

Lectures on 1 Corinthians:

This course helps you to learn the basics for Christian accounting and ways to resolve various life problems including lawsuits, strife, marriage, idolatry, and the spiritual gifts and for the victory in spiritual warfare

Lectures on the Book of Job:

Through this course, you will make a detailed scrutiny about the evil and sinful nature deep within our heart through Job’s sickness, sufferings, and healing and recovery, and the methodology on how to change into men of spirit

Footsteps of the Lord

This course gives you an unraveled account of secrets about the beginning of time, the origin of Jesus, and God’s providence and love for allowing His only begotten Son Passion and resurrection.

The Power of God:

This is an essential guide by which one can possess true faith and experience the wondrous power of God