Elementary Course

Elementary Course
The Message of the Cross:

This course gives you clear understanding of basic Christian faith on who God is, who Jesus Christ is and why He is the only Savior, the providence hidden in the cross, and how to receive proper and complete salvation (Philippians 2:12). It also gives answers to fundamentally important questions for all Christians who have not been given thorough and accurate explanations about them.

The Measure of Faith:

Christian’s faith does not end just by accepting Jesus Christ and receiving the Holy Spirit. After the experiencing of regeneration, we have to grow in our faith. This course deals with different steps in the growth of Christian faith in five different levels along with the different heavenly dwelling places and heavenly rewards for each level of faith, giving the believers a clear reason why they have to endeavor in faith.

Spirit, Soul, and Body:

Men consist of spirit, soul, and body. This course delves into how spirit, soul, and body of men were made to let you understand who you exactly are. By understanding the nature and heart of men, you can begin to more quickly cast off the untruths found in you and become a man after God’s heart.

The Holy Spirit

This course explains in detail who the Holy Spirit is, what kinds of works He does, and what kinds of gifts He gives to us in helping us lead a better Christian life. After we accept Jesus Christ and receive the Holy Spirit, our dead spirit is revived and the Holy Spirit lets us bear beautiful fruits in our heart. Bearing fruits of goodness is also another evidence of our spirit’s growth.

This course deeply gets into each one of the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit that God wants us to bear on this earth. Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit is very helpful in leading a successful Christian life and a must for a successful ministry.

Many times people do not get good results despite their great effort. One of the reasons is that they follow their own thoughts, but not the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit. This course will give you clear way to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice and receive His guidance so that you can truly follow God’s will.


Many believers pray but without receiving the answers. How do we have to pray to receive answers to whatever we ask? This course explains different aromas contained in prayer and how to offer it to God with greater measure, so that you can receive answers to your prayers and substantially grow in your faith.

Spiritual Love:

God is love and what God ultimately wants from us is true love even to love our enemies. 1 Corinthians chapter 13 is also commonly known as the Love Chapter, and by contemplating on the characteristics of love, this course lets you cultivate the love that God wants us to have.

The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey:

The process of Israelites conquering Canaan applies in the same way for us as we endeavor in faith and take hold of heavenly kingdom by force.