Intermediate Course

Intermediate Course
Lecture on Leviticus:

The sacrifices and offerings in the Old Testament did not cease but they continue in the form of worship service today. Many people find the book of Leviticus boring and difficult, and this course explains the spiritual meanings of today’s worship services and how we should worship God based on the text from the book of Leviticus.

The Ten Commandments:

The Ten Commandments is a must for a Christian, although some people argue that we cannot really keep all of them in today’s world. This course delves into the spiritual meanings contained in each of the commandments and how we can and why we have to keep all of the Ten Commandments.

The Beatitudes:

Probably all people want blessing but most of them do not get it. By explaining the Beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5, this course presents a clear way to receive both spiritual material blessings.


God earnestly wants His children to resemble His own heart by cultivating goodness in their heart. This course, by giving the illustrations and examples of the Biblical figures, helps you cultivate goodness in your heart as well. It also explains how happy a life you can lead and that you can be acknowledged by God as a great man both on this earth and in the heavenly kingdom once you possess goodness in your heart.


The kingdom of heaven is where God dwells and is our original and eternal home. It is as clear and as beautiful as crystal. This course will let you feel the taste of the glorious, magnificent, and beautiful heavenly kingdom. It also explains how people can take hold of different heavenly dwelling places by force with their respective measure of faith.


This course is a never-before-revealed account of the cruel reality of Hades and Hell, and is an earnest message to all mankind and stern calling for an awakened Christian life from God who wishes not even one soul to fall into the depths of hell.

Lectures on Seven Churches:

The Seven Churches represent all types of churches we can have. By explaining various spiritual meanings in the words of Jesus given to each church, this course gives you a guideline on how to manage your church and make it one that Jesus can commend like the church of Philadelphia.