Rev. Dr. Daniel Shinhyun Moon

The Principal of Manmin International Seminary


1954 Born on August 8
1974 Enters Yonsei University
1978 Graduates from Yonsei University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
1980 Enters Full Gospel Theological Seminary
1981 Graduates from Full Gospel Theological Seminary with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology
1985 Enters Seoul Theological University
1989 Graduates from Seoul Theological University with a Master's Degree in Theology
1992-1997 Teaches History of Western Civilization at Seoul Seojibang Theological Seminary
1997-2002 Ministers as the Senior Pastor of Dongdaejeon Holiness Church
1997-2002 Teaches Church Growth at Namdaejeon Theological Seminary
2008 Becomes a registered member of Manmin Central Church on March 7
2009-2010 Ministers as a Missionary at Nairobi Manmin Church in Kenya, Africa
2012-2013 Serves as the Guidance Teacher of Police Mission, Manmin Central Church
2010 Becomes a Parish Pastor of Manmin Central Church
2020 Appointed as the Foreingers' Parish Pastor, Manmin Central Church
2020 Earns a Honoaray Doctor's Degree in Theology from Eastern Prime University in California, USA
2020 Appointed as the Principal of Alliance Holiness Theological Seminary
2021 Appointed as the Principal of Manmin International Seminary